Data cleansing

Cleansed data that’s fit for purpose

Proactively identify and manage data quality issues before they negatively impact your business. Our data management solution can systematically examine and make your data trustworthy. As data often flows into your organisation in different sources and formats. We run it against Experian’s unique reference data, cleansing, and matching capabilities - so you can rapidly take control. With sophisticated but easy to understand profiling, matching & linking, and verification capabilities together in one place, you can transform your data and confidently solve data quality issues.

Validate contact data post-capture

You can validate address, and email post-capture, either on a recurring or ad hoc basis, via bulk cleansing.

How data cleansing helps

Confident business decisions - Trust your data to make key strategic decisions

Customer loyalty - Deeper customer insights to improve communications and built trust and loyalty

Financial - Reduce wastage and increase revenue through a stronger customer relationship

Data Enrichment

Enhance and enrich your consumer, business, and additional information including demographics, location, lifestyle, and segmentation.

Gain a richer understanding of all your customers and prospects in order to tailor your messaging to them further and base your strategic decisions on even more in-depth and trustworthy information.

What data is available?

Experian’s enrichment solution first verifies the customer data you are collecting, such as name, phone number, address and email. After verification, a record can be enriched with missing or incomplete information. Available data includes demographic information from Experian Mosaic©, business information and deceased data.

Benefits of data enrichment

Data enrichment provides better insight into individuals at the point of interaction, allowing you to tailor messages, prioritise leads, personalise offers and improve engagement online, over-the-phone, and through marketing communications.

Achieve greater customer insight

Uncover individualised customer information by augmenting a contact record with missing or unknown data points.


Increase business efficiency

Leverage Experian’s expertise in real-time modelling to create increased conversion and engagement.


Improve customer experience

Understand and accurately target your customer segments to provide custom offers, personalised messaging and tailored experiences.

Explore the full breadth of the data we have that enhances your customer insights.

Explore how enrichment can help create an accurate and holistic view for your customers.

Single Customer View

Make trusted decisions and improve engagement based on a single view of your customers. We help you build the most complete, accurate, consistent and holistic Single Customer View available today using our 4 step process - Investigate, Assess, Improve, and Control.

Work with us to build your SCV today and start benefiting from improved customer experience, increased operational efficiency, fraud identification and decisioning, and regulatory compliance.

Data Strategy

Developing a coherent data strategy can be a challenge for most organisations. We help you develop and align your long-term plan of action around data management with your organisation's key objectives, whether that be around increasing customer engagement, driving increased profitability, or reducing risk.

We Assess your data quality, evaluate your processes, and prioritise your data to form the foundations of your Data Strategy Roadmap, outlining and prioritising key recommendations and next steps.

Bureau Data Services

Our bureau cleansing services help you keep your data trustworthy through one-off or regular cleansing.

Clean, de-duplicate, and enhance your customer records using our unique range of data assets.

Data Governance

The volume, variety and veracity of data the average business holds is higher than ever and is continuing to grow, making meeting the requirements of data regulations increasingly difficult.

Experian offers support to help you improve and regain control of your data throughout your organisation in line with your own governance policies through proactive preparation and up-to-date data.

Find out how we can help your business thrive