Business Tools For Decision Making

Take decision making to an intelligent new level. It is easy with Experian’s credit risk software and tools

Sometimes the best decision you can make in business is to invest in technology that makes the decisions for you. Our suite of data-powered software solutions and tools are built to make every process and interaction as efficient and profitable as possible. We’ll give you the technology to define, automate, test and optimise, taking all the credit risk decisions out of your hands.

PowerCurve Originations

Need to assess new customers quickly and easily? We have a tool for that. By combining data, scorecards and strategies, it’s easy to evaluate risk and allocate resources effectively.

PowerCurve Collections

Put your consumers at the heart of your collections process using insight to drive personalised automated treatment strategies.

PowerCurve Customer Management

We can help you enrich customer profiles with complex data and strategies. And the benefit? The ability to review and tailor decisions for each individual customer.


What if you could make every customer interaction count? We’ll help you determine the best offer, action and message, so you get the best results.


Find and reconnect with your lost customers, faster.

Debt Management Service

Experian’s Collections Information Service enables you to make effective decisions to help customers who are struggling with repayments.

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