Credit Limit Management

Credit Limit Management

Balance customer opportunities with lending strategies – offer the right credit limits to the right customers.

Determining what the best credit limit is for each customer – both at the point of application and during a relationship – is often complex. Our limit management solution maximises the value of decisions and can support both risk and operational objectives, such as profit, bad debt and exposure.

Understanding the trade-offs between each of these can be challenging, resulting in lenders being unable to maximise profitability without taking unacceptable risks.

With advanced analytics, consulting services and industry-leading decisioning technology, Experian can help you achieve all this – and do so confidently. We enable you to evaluate customers based on their risk as well as their potential, increasing customer engagement and quickly transforming your business.

Key benefits

  • Maximise the impact of decision strategies by aligning decisions with business goals and practices, enabling strategies to be set that achieve targets
  • Achieve a rapid return on investment following deployment
  • Get more from current resources through seamless integration with the existing systems
  • Put the customer at the heart of your strategy by treating them as an individual

How it works

  • Define: The key elements of the problem are defined and assessed
  • Strategy Development: Decision strategy trees are developed through “what-if?” scenario simulation
  • Deploy: The tree which best meets the client’s objectives is chosen for deployment in the existing strategy tree based decisioning software, with no infrastructural impact
  • Monitoring and maintaining: performance maintenance through regular reviews, and expanding the system to other decision points

Experian can help you maximise business goals and profit whilst putting the customer at the heart of your strategy. Its unique decisioning platform determines the best decision for each individual customer, such as their available credit limit and what they can afford, whilst satisfying the constraints of your business, for example bad debt levels and approval requirements.

The result is an optimised strategy tree which enables businesses to maximise customer engagement and opportunities.

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