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Everything you need to know about your data relationship with Experian

Welcome to Experian's consumer information centre where you will find everything you need to know about how Experian gathers, processes, stores and shares your data. 

Experian believes in informing consumers around their data rights so that they are empowered to exercise those rights.

The Experian Trust Centre aims to explain the how the credit bureau operates under the National Credit Act (NCA), the Protection of Personal Information Act (POPIA) and the Promotion of Access to Information Act (PAIA) so that consumers can better understand how their data is used in the credit environment. This centre also aims to provide consumers with the necessary channels in which to access their data, dispute their information, contact the bureau and lodge a complaint if necessary.

Experian is a registered credit bureau with the National Credit Regulator (NCRCB16) and as a credit bureau, we play a key role in South Africa's financial ecosystem. Experian is a member of the Credit Bureau Association ("CBA"), the South African Credit and Risk Reporting Association ("SACRRA") and the Direct Marketing Association of South Africa ("DMASA") Association.

This Trust Centre explains how we obtain, process and share personal information about data subjects, and specifically consumers (individual data subjects) and businesses (juristic data subjects). Furthermore, we explain your rights as a consumer and a data subject. You have the right to be informed about the collection and use of your personal information. This is a transparency requirement under data protection regulation, and we want to make this easy for you. 

Where to start?

Experian South Africa is here to help make it clear.

We want to be completely transparent and help you to understand:

Your data rights

The rights you have in relation to your data and how it's used

How we use your data

How your data is processed, stored and shared

How we protect your data

The measures we take to ensure we and our clients keep your data secure

Know your Bureau

Better know the Experian South Africa bureau and the credit environment by watching our Know your Bureau video.

Do you have any questions?

Visit our Frequently Asked Questions page for more information.

About Experian South Africa

You may know Experian as one of the major credit bureaus in South Africa, registered with the National Credit Regulator (NCRCB16) to operate as a consumer credit bureau and full data hosting bureau.

The credit data management process is complex and there are various role players in the industry, from the data provider, to associations (like SACRRA) to the bureaus. Depending on the specific phase of the process, Experian can be a Responsible Party of the credit information or it can be an Operator.  When Experian is a Responsible Party, it means that it has certain responsibilities under data protection law to make sure that the data is used fairly and lawfully and that it remains protected. Experian also acts as the operator for its clients (when they request information from Experian) as well as for data providers (when they submit data to Experian).

Our function as a credit bureau and in processing your information for credit reporting purposes is governed by the National Credit Act and its Regulations (“NCA”). The NCA promotes transparency and fairness in the access to credit. It also promotes access to credit, responsible borrowing by consumers and the protection of consumers against reckless credit granting.

Experian, amongst others, processes personal information for credit reporting purposes. The Credit Bureau Association (or CBA) developed a POPIA Code of Conduct; this Code has been submitted to the Information Regulator, however, it is not yet issued. 

Need to lodge a data processing complaint?

To lodge a complaint about how Experian is processing your data, you can download our complaints form and email it to our Information Officer using the details provided below.

Contact Experian South Africa

Contact: Experian Africa's Information Officer

Have a question or simply wish to find out more about Experian? Go directly to our Trust Centre where we have published shared content to ensure you are informed of what data we collect and how we use it and so that you can exercise your rights in terms of POPIA. To lodge a complaint or to get in touch with our Information Officer at

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To exercise your data subject rights under the NCA

Visit My Credit Check or My Credit Expert to access your credit information in real-time, for free.


Telephone: 0861 51 41 31

To exercise your data subject rights under POPIA


Telephone: 021 888 6023   

To exercise your rights under PAIA


Telephone: 011 799 3400 or 021 888 6023 

Submit a compaint

To submit a complaint, please see our Complaints Process section.