Right of access

See what personal information we hold about you

You have the right to access your information

Your personal information belongs to you, and you have the right to determine who uses your personal information and how they use it. You also have the right to obtain a copy of the information, to ask Experian to correct it if it is inaccurate and to object to the processing of the data as far as it is a lawful objection.

 If you require access to your personal information, for your protection, we must authenticate the identity of the requestor, and we will need additional information from you to do so. The procedures and relevant forms for requesting access to your information can be found on this page.

Before sharing data with any third party, we will, where appropriate, complete checks to ensure that the organisation is a real business, has a permissible purpose of accessing confidential consumer information under the NCA (where applicable), and/or has lawful grounds to access information from Experian.

Where clients access confidential consumer credit information as regulated by the NCA, Experian will require that the client has a permissible purpose, prescribed purpose or consent for the access as required by the NCA.

Access to information

In terms of the NCA

The NCA allows access to consumer or business data for certain permissible or prescribed purposes, some of these include:

  • Fraud-related activities
  • Employment relating to cash-handling or finance positions
  • Credit applications or insurance assessments
  • Credit report requests
  • Marketing for cross-selling and pre-vetting
These are known as permissible or prescribed purposes. For a full list of the permissible or prescribed purposes for data access under the NCA, download the NCA Information document below.

In terms of POPIA

Section 23 of POPIA gives consumers the right to access their information held by a responsible party, like Experian.

Consumers can request, free of charge, whether or not Experian holds personal information on them.

Should you wish to find out what personal information is held, a fee may be charged. However, most of the information a bureau holds on a consumer is contained on their credit report; so our advice is to get your free credit report instead.

Should you want to know more about what information Experian holds, you can do so by completing the DSAR form downloadable below.

In terms of PAIA

The Protection of Personal Information Act, 2013 (PAIA) allows access to information according to strict requirements set out in the Act. The Requestor must comply with all the procedural requirements in PAIA relating to a request for access to a record and specifically provide sufficient detail on the request form to enable the head of the private body to identify the record and the Requestor. 

Access to a record can only be granted if the following criteria are fulfilled:

  • The record is required for the exercise or protection of any right;
  • The requestor complies with the procedural requirements set out in PAIA relating to a request; and
  • Access to the record is not refused in terms of any ground for refusal as contemplated in Chapter 4 of Part 3 of PAIA.

For more details on the access to information in terms of PAIA, please refer to our PAIA Manual available for download below.

Request your information

Use the below options to obtain your information from Experian

Experian respects your right to privacy and has created several means for you to exercise your privacy right to access your information or receive confirmation of the information we hold on you. For most consumers, the data they want from Experian is already available on their credit report. We suggest you check your credit report first.

Request your My Credit Check Credit Report

To see what information the credit bureau has on your My Credit Check profile, you can visit the My Credit Check website and obtain your My Credit Check credit report for free.

Request your My Credit Expert Credit Report

To see what information the credit bureau has on your My Credit Expert profile, you can visit the My Credit Expert website and obtain your My Credit Expert credit report for free.

Request your Data under POPIA (DSAR)

The DSAR form is only to be used to exercise your privacy right to access or confirm of personal information we hold on you. Please submit this request by mailing it to datasubjectrights@experian.com or sending it to one of our offices

Request by a 3rd Party in terms of PAIA

To request records in terms of PAIA, the requestor must use the prescribed form available on the button below to make the request for access to a record. Experian reserves the right to decline to grant access to records in accordance with the provisions of PAIA; the conditions of which are set out in our PAIA Manual.